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TIRUMALA TIRUPATI DEVASTHANAM is a trust which manages the Tirumla venkateswara temples in states.the trust oversees the operations and the finances of the second richest and the most visited religious center in the world. It is also involved in various social , religious, literary and educational activities. TTD employs more than 16000 people. TTD was established in 1932 as a result of the TTD act of 1932. According to the act administration of the temple was vested in a committee and overseen by paid a commissioner appointed by the government.  Recently the TTD announced to sell its 50 immovable properties. This decision came in to controversy when some of the Hindu religious and opposition BJP protested against it. Current chairman of TTD is Y V Subba Reddy who is appointed by17th CM of  Andhra pradesh,  YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Y V Subba Reddy is metarnal Uncle of YS Jagan Mohan reddy Jagan Mohan Reddy is Christian by faith. And controversy over Y V Subba Reddy'


Nepal's Defense Minister Ishwar Pokhrel recently in an Interview with  Nepal's news agency Rashtriya Samachar Samiti said' Indian Army Chief's  remark hurt the sentiments of Nepali Gurkha army personals who lay down their lives to protect India, The Indian Chief of  army staff's statement have come in an embarrassing manner, no matter what background and circumstances is it based on, such statements are an effort to offend sovereign and independent Nepal and and  prideful Nepalis with this , The India CoAS  have also hurt the sentiments of Gurkha army personnel who lay down their lives to protect India. It must now become difficult for them to stand tall in front of Gurkha forces, In fact the Statementoft Indian CoAS seems to be a political stunt. How professional is it for the head of the army to make a political statement? we do not have any thing like that here. Nepali army does not go vocal on such matters. Army is not there to speak. Nepali army i


In a recent development India pressed the weak pulse of China. We all know that Taiwan is a very sensitive issue for China, one can understand this by this that  China use to pressurized other nations who have diplomatic or economic relation with   it , to endorse this One Country Two  System policy, which is been opposed by Taiwan. Due to economic priorities many country have official diplomatic relation with Taiwan much like 179 of the 194 United Nations members , but they maintain this through business offices or cultural offices in Taiwan. Recently Tsai Ing-Wen from Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won the election with a huge margin and defeated Han Kuo-yu from Kuomintang (KMT) in 15th presidential election . Tsai Ing-Wen got 8170231 votes with growth of 8.63% in vote share. People of Taiwan rejected the pro China policies of KMT party. The rebellion of Hong kong and suppression by communist party of China, witnessed by Taiwan. This victory is been seen as a clear


What is Taiwan - China issue? Many of us might be looking at this as a territorial dispute or a case of  encroachment. But actually it is a little complicated. Both Taiwan and China are claiming as China. confusing? may be... but its interesting too. lets start from the history , because present is a statue which is sculpted in past. In early years of 16th century China and Taiwan was two separate territory. In starting years of 16th century people from southern china started migrating to Taiwan. Austronesian were considered as first known settler in Taiwan. Now from 1624 to 1661 Taiwan was a Dutch colony. Then  from 1683 to 1895 Taiwan was administrated by China. A large number migrant came to Taiwan from mainland China in 17th century. In 1894 first Sino-Japan ( China- Japan )war China lost Tiwan to japan and Tiwan became part of Japan. And finally after second world war when Japan was attacked by US atomic bomb and Japan lost the war, they surrendered the Tiwan back to China. Thi


Those who have recently started taking interest or i should say started sensing and noticing what going one in world , or withing country, they might have heard this word many time like liberals, communist or leftist.i will try to explain these terms in a simple manner to understand. it will not be very deep but informative  enough to understand the ideology behind them. Now to understand these terms mainly we have to understand communism. blog is not for any competition preparation but to clear the basic concept. So here i will not mention dates, period, persons and important events.But this blog will help you to understand one of the section of not only Indian politics but of World politics. STATE OF ORIGIN: MIDDLE OF 18th  CENTURY  Any ideology takes birth in human mind is the result of  a particular mind state. And mind state comes as a resultant of experiences, what we see around us, and mainly our reactions over the conditions. if a sailor avoid to go in see due to heavy wi


In a recent indecent Nepal has launched its  new map which claims Kalapani, Limpiyadhura and Lipulekh as their  part,  But the matter is that these areas are in India, Indian maps since the independent India. There are some reactions over this new map. firstly Indian Army Chief General M.M. Naravane said that "There had never been any problem in the past. There is a reason to believe that they might have raised the  issue at the behest of someone else."  The other reaction came from Ministry of External Affairs of Indian, Anurag Shrivastava , the Spokesperson Said "Such artificial Enlargement of territorial claims will not be accepted by India. " He also urged the Nepali leadership for dialogue over it. Here i would like to mentioned that this offer of dialogues has been appreciated from Nepal, with that they highlighted the history too that they have already asked for table talk over this issue in past but it has been delayed every time by Indian side.

The Resistance Front (TRF)

BIRTH First Incident: Recently we all heard about the warnings given by the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) to Pakistan over terror funding. The FATF is pressuring Pakistan for more resultant action over terror funding. 21 United State designated terrorist group are based in Pakistan. ALl-Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden was also found in Pakistan so there is a continuous pressure on Pakistan, that the world's eye has some other image of it. International Institutes like FATF, UN, IMF  mentioned terror , link with terrors and support to terrorism by Pakistan in their statements. It is embarrassing for Pakistan and it should be. Here I would like to mention the statement of Mr. Xxiangmin Liu, the President of FATF, the standard - setter on money laundry and terror funding. He said,"Pakistan need to do more and it need to do it faster", he further said, "FATF is giving this very clear warning if the country will not make significant progress we would consider fur


Recently very interesting sequence of events took place of POK (PAKISTAN OCCUPIED KASHMIR). After the 5 August event, Pakistan was trying to get back on his place as it was cornered by India and The World Forums. Recently some events might brought some lines of worry for Pakistan. On 30th of April,2020 the Pakistan Supreme Court announced and ordered the Federal Pakistani Government. To conduct election in Gilgit-Baltistan. Within few days the External Affairs Ministry of India (MIA) lodged a strong protest against Pakistani counter parts and said pakistani institutes had no locus standi on territories illegally or forcibly occupied by it. Now recently the IMD ( India Meteorological Department) has started referring to its meteorological sub-division of Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, Gilgit-Baltistan and Muzaffarabad. IMD used to release daily forecast for the entire sub-division and not for any specific areas within. Now this IMD  move not only reflects the change


Recently Zee News' editor-in-chief Sudhir Chaudhry was in headlines, when Kerala police lodged FIR against him under non-bailable Sections 295 A. This complain was registered by advocate Gavas , State Joint Secretory of all India Youth Federation of AIYF (The Youth Wing of CPI). THE ISSUE Actually the matter is that in the month of March in his program called DNA, he explained a chart, ( Jihad Chart) in detail. Where Jihad was bifurcated in two categories and then in other subcategories. He explained Hard Jihad and Soft Jihad. Soft Jihad was bifurcated in Economic, Historical, Media, film and Musical Jihad and Jihad of Secularism. And in other category i.e. Hard Jihad was bifurcated in sub categories like Population, Love, Land, Education, Victim and Direct Jihad. After that he discussed the Land Jihad in brief  and reported the Land Scam that happened in Jammu and Kashmir. LAND JIHAD- THE ROSHNI ACT SCAM Now we will take a look at the Land Scam. Zee News  telecaste


Recently we have heard about this a lot in tweeter world.what is this controversy and why it is controversial? Three Indian journalists got Pulitzer Prize and congress leader, Rahul Gandhi, appreciated them on his tweeter handle. So what is so controversial in this? First we will see what is Pulitzer Award. PULITZER is a media group headquarter in St. LOUISE, US. It owns Television Channels, News Papers, Magazines, Radio Stations etc. Founder of this group was Joseph Pulitzer, born in 1847 died in 1911. The organisation awards people for best work in 21 different categories like fiction prize, feature photography prize drama prize public sector prize etc. Winner of each category gets 15000 USD  and certificate. It was 10000 USD till 2017.  Now 3 Indian Photojournalists named Dar Yaseen, Mukhtar Khan and Channi Anand won prize in Feature Photography. If you will search all three photo journalists in Wikipedia is written there: "Won PULITZER Prize for Featu


The world  when  Corona Pandemic Currently  after I  am  penning this  post  the amount  of positive cases  area unit   round the  mark of  thirty seven ,58,000 and total deaths have crossed  a pair of ,59,000.  immediately  its like  we've  entered into a cycle  and that we   have to be compelled to  grind into mill  we are able to   cut down  its speed  however  cant  kick-off  of it by the  approach  what next,  however  its  planning to   result  our future? On social, national, demo-graphical, finance  and plenty of   a lot of  levels. SOCIAL First  after we   investigate  social level this pandemic  goes   to vary  our  way  in  some ways . Social distancing  that   we have a tendency to   area unit   active   immediately   goes  to become a permanent behavior of our life  vogue . Is it ,literally, possible?  i believe  it depends. In countries like  Bharat , Bangladesh,  Islamic Republic of Pakistan  and  principally  south Asian Countries,  i do not   suppose  its gonna  s