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Dear all.  Today I feel fear from corona.  I am living in an area which was red zone during lockdown. It was red zone till the last day of 4th lock down.  Now suddenly every thing is open.  I have to go for job whether I feel safe or not.  This is an immensely pressure situation.  If I think of my family and don't go out of house,  I am taking a risk with my job security and inviting future financial problems for my family.  And I if helplessly choose to go for job to full fill my family's needs I am taking risk with lives of not only mine by their too. Being as a citizen of India I have seen and understood all steps taken by government and I appreciate it.  Even I don't feel any tremulous to say this that because of untidiness of some people the result from nationwide lockdown,  which we were about to achieve has been pushed in the dark. Perhaps we are facing or going to face the worst condition of this Pendamic, to avoid which,  government accepted huge loss of econ