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India-china border issue. India China meet at SCO, Hidden intentions behind backpedal in SCO

 China's old strategy is being use again. Their political leadership is talking about peace and deescalation. And CCP ( communist party of China)'s mouth piece Global Times still playing the propaganda warfare. which we can sense by its twits. And this is not for the first time we have seen such double face of China many time during several border stand offs. maybe to push India in dilemma or to gain territory.   India's foreign Minister S. Jayshankar and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi had first face to face meeting on Thursday since border tension erupted in Eastern Ladakh. Both agreed to hold further talks on both military and diplomatic level. Both reached to Moscow to attend SCO. Recently the defense Minister of both country also had meeting. Now what we came to know through news sources that the there was no soft stance from both side at that time, although mainstream news channels were reporting that Chinese delegation was keen to have table talk on border issue. Now

Chinese army abducted 5 India citizens from India-china boarded

  The Arunachal Times shared a news on 6th September at 3 am that  Chinese army 'abducts' five villagers fro Nacho area. Same has been reported from Congress MLA Ninong Ering. He Tweeted, SHOCKING NEWS: 5 people from upper Subansiri district od our state Arunachal pradesh have reportedly been 'abducted' by China's peoples liberation army (PLA). Few months earlier, a simile incident happened, A befitting reply must be given to PLA. He tweeted it to Prime Ministed Modi and Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Prema Khandu, In a report Ering said that in March a 21 year old villeger was abducted by PLA From Near the McMahan line Passing by the Asapila sector while two other managed to escape. He was escape from custody after 19 days. Congress MLA and lawmaker said That PLA entered in India territory and Abducted persons. the five persons have been identified as Toch Singkam, Tanu Bakar,Dongtu Ebiya, Prasat Ringling and Nagaru Diri. All 5 Persons are from Tagin Community

Delhi riots 2020, Delhi riots arrests, what did safoora zargar, safoora zargar story. best book for Delhi riot. left liberal ideological support to safoora zargar

 Recetly I watched an interview of Moika Arora with Ajeet Bharti, It was Ajeet Bharti's YouTue channle.Here I am sharing Its link    .Where she was sharing points of her upcoming cotroversial  Book called Delhiriots2020-The untold story. why its controversial , that I have interpreted in my last Blog , here I am sharing it's link  . In this interview she mentioned a name Safoora Zargar, and explained her role in Delhi riots. Now I am not going to write what she said about safeera's role in riot. That is all available in this video, And I request you all to buy your copy of this book to understand the other aspect of riot. After I saw this video, I remembered, I have heard some news about Safoora recently. she was pregnant when she was arrested buy Delhi police for her alleged role in Delhi riot. And she put a bail plea in front of court

INDIA- CHINA : China using Opposition to create pressure on MODI?

Since the boarder tension is going on between India and China  at the eastern Ladakh. And reports are saying that India is gaining some ground over there. India has recently took control over some strategically important heights. Now we can understand thew frustration coming through tweets and the Global Times , the mouth piece of CCP. But here I want to draw your attention over one thing which I realized today. when I saw a News in a main stream media that recently the Tweeter handle of Global times has tweeted that " Indian Prime minister faces a Daunting job to bring jobs back to laid-off Indians and arrest a sliding economy from a free fall. His gambit to stoke up boarder tension with China is misguided and will bring more trouble for his countrymen. now first of all what China has to do with India's internal matter when China it self facing some serious domestic problems. second, why now? As we all know due to this pandemic almost every nation over the globe finding thei