Chinese army abducted 5 India citizens from India-china boarded


The Arunachal Times shared a news on 6th September at 3 am that  Chinese army 'abducts' five villagers fro Nacho area. Same has been reported from Congress MLA Ninong Ering. He Tweeted, SHOCKING NEWS: 5 people from upper Subansiri district od our state Arunachal pradesh have reportedly been 'abducted' by China's peoples liberation army (PLA). Few months earlier, a simile

incident happened, A befitting reply must be given to PLA. He tweeted it to Prime Ministed Modi and Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Prema Khandu, In a report Ering said that in March a 21 year old villeger was abducted by PLA From Near the McMahan line Passing by the Asapila sector while two other managed to escape. He was escape from custody after 19 days. Congress MLA and lawmaker said That PLA entered in India territory and Abducted persons.

the five persons have been identified as Toch Singkam, Tanu Bakar,Dongtu Ebiya, Prasat Ringling and Nagaru Diri. All 5 Persons are from Tagin Community.they have been reportedly abducted from Sera 7 area Jungle along with India-China boarder Arunachal Pradesh

two other villagers who had accompanied the abducted person and managed to escape brief this before the public. 

Subansiri Superintendent of police Keni Bagra Said "we learnt about it from social media.we have not received any formal complaint from the families of victims yet. we are tring to verifying it.we are also trying to contact local persons, At this stage I can not Confirm anything The incident happened on LAC. I spoke to some relatives. They said They are trying to verifying it.I also spoke to officer-in-charge of Nacho police station.we are trying to contact army officials, There is no official boundary of barricades along the LAC. The locals venture out in the jungle from hunting and they move in to chines territory without knowing.

how ever officials should look in to this seriously, as we all now Chines are choked In eastern Ladakh, so they can do anything divert attention from there or to open another front in Arunachal Pradesh. 


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