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 Recetly I watched an interview of Moika Arora with Ajeet Bharti, It was Ajeet Bharti's YouTue channle.Here I am sharing Its link   .Where she was sharing points of her upcoming cotroversial  Book called Delhiriots2020-The untold story. why its controversial , that I have interpreted in my last Blog , here I am sharing it's link . In this interview she mentioned a name Safoora

Zargar, and explained her role in Delhi riots. Now I am not going to write what she said about safeera's role in riot. That is all available in this video, And I request you all to buy your copy of this book to understand the other aspect of riot.
After I saw this video, I remembered, I have heard some news about Safoora recently. she was pregnant when she was arrested buy Delhi police for her alleged role in Delhi riot. And she put a bail plea in front of court because she was pregnant. At that time a media campaign was going in her support. It looks like it was an attempt to create pressure on India judicial system when this plea was under procedure and it was looking like any attempt to glorify safoora by discussing her personal life and by presenting her softer image.

Now then I started searching about her through online platforms and I found that a large number of article has been uploaded in her support, or to clear her image. some of them I will mention here.

But Before that i would like to notify you that when Delhi police found electronic evidence of her involvement in Delhi riot, she was arrested on 10th April of this year.

Some of the articles I am mentioning here who seems to be justifying her position and looks like an effort to propose her soft image. There is an article available on ARTICLE14 page written by Danish Raza , who writes, she's blunt compassionate and want to make the world a batter place. He further writes Safoora feels
mohd. shahrukh

elated every time she buy a "sephora" product, because it sounds similar to her name. Isn't it funny, that who wants to know what make up products she buy. he further mentioned the casualties of this write with number of Muslim died in this riot. one can understand the effort behind it.

Another article I found on  LIVE LAW written by Advocate Anjana Prakash. She is former Judge of Patna High court. In this article she has explain many of laws that justify the bail of Safoora. Its my personal opinion that while reading her article I felt like she is addressing the Judge who is hosting this hearing. 

Another article from very famous media house BBC. I always found BBC a left liberal supporting news agency. I do not support left Ideology . Because I think It does not have an adjusting attitude. the way they want to implement their thought in India is very aggressive and this is why their political grown is almost wiped out. Any way This article was published on 23rd of June 2020. It says Police called her "key conspirator" In anti-Muslim riots. They further writes Safoora is among the number of Muslim

students & activist who have been jailed since India announce lockdown, leading to the accusation that the government is using the pandemic to crackdown on free speech. Now being as a leading and well know news agency how can they allowed a person to use this platform to promote his/her personal perception. It seems that the author already tagged the riot as Anti-Muslim and glorified the Image of allegedly accuse, as the "Muslim" "student" & "Activist". 

now , why I wrote this Article? while is had this research I found Many Article promoting her positive image. that is ok every one have right as I have. after all India is a democratic nation.But there is a big echo system who is supporting this violent protest. one can say they have a large number of ideological supporter out there in media house. So I request every one to go an by the book DelhiRiot-2020 the untold story to find the second side of the coin. and then try to judge your self that what is her role is being promoted and what role has been found by the Delhi police.

photo credit- Article-14

video credit- the secualr


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