India-china border issue. India China meet at SCO, Hidden intentions behind backpedal in SCO

 China's old strategy is being use again. Their political leadership is talking about peace and deescalation. And CCP ( communist party of China)'s mouth piece Global Times still playing the propaganda warfare. which we can sense by its twits. And this is not for the first time we have seen such double face of China many time during several border stand offs. maybe to push India in dilemma or to gain territory.

  India's foreign Minister S. Jayshankar and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi had first face to face meeting on Thursday since border tension erupted in Eastern Ladakh. Both agreed to hold further talks on both military and diplomatic level. Both reached to Moscow to attend SCO. Recently the defense Minister of both country also had meeting.

Now what we came to know through news sources that the there was no soft stance from both side at that time, although mainstream news channels were reporting that Chinese delegation was keen to have table talk on border issue. Now after Meeting of foreign Ministers the message coming out is that both side want to work on deescalation through talks.

After the occupation over strategically important Heights which are at the India side of LAC according to Indian accreditation of LAC, Chinese troops are comparatively at weaken position. So we were expecting soft stance from China, And that is reflecting from the news coming out of the foreign Minister's meeting in SCO.

Global Times is considered as mouth piece of CCP. Now I would like to drag your attention to some of tweets posted by Global Times. ow keep this in mind that all these tweets have came after meeting of foreign minsters. In one of tweet, It says "We must increase the cost of risky gamble of #India on the border issue, while making diplomatic efforts, we need to prepared to completely defeat India's

illusions through Military action when those efforts fails." It further says " to maintain territorial integrity and long term tranquility of our southwest border, no price is high. this is not a slogan, but should be our true will. Chinese people love peace, but we will also fight when we have to." Now first of all by calling it a "gambling" Chinese tried to impose its idea that India did not came on border with full willpower, and still India is in dilemma that whether to go for war or not. Chinese need to keep one thing in their mind that India's political leadership has clearly said that not a single inch of territory will given away this time. so my dear Chinese, India is clear on its ground. Its you who has to make a decision. either step back or go for war. now it says " we need to increase the cost of the risk." this might have some hidden meanings.

In another tweet it says "If India wants war China will be oblige. Lets see which country can outlast the other." and further says "China used to care too much about India's dignity. Such dignity has eventually been taken advantage by Indian nationalist forces. They have forgotten who they are. This tie every thing should be put on table." We clearly see that this is a language of browbeat. And this is coming from the mouth piece of Chinese. One will never hear such language by Indian political elite for any

smaller nation too. Here Global Times is talking about outlasting. these are nothing but just shallow words as reality is this that India is on heights and  China is stuck.Any step of deescalation from here will be seen as China's moral defeat. Now they are talking about their concern about India's dignity.Is it an attempt to gain some ground or to gain soft corner in heart of a common Indian. Or they just handed over a tool in the hands of Left-liberals gang in India to create artificial pressure on center? The last part of this tweet shows that they thing they have crushed India's dignity in past and trying to remind us again. That is good. Now it would be hard for marginalized leftist to toe your line here in India. Thank you for showing the abhorrence you have for India.

At the end i would like to add that as we saw in past, China always ad discrepancy between statements and action. This time also it is nothing but just and act to divert India aggression.China's preparation on LAC and its activity in Pakistan near Rajasthan border not matching with its diplomatic words.

But Indian Leadership this time is very much aware of the real Chinese characteristic. India is need to be ready for any action now or in winter. as well as in western border and in Indian Ocean.  


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