INDIA- CHINA : China using Opposition to create pressure on MODI?

Since the boarder tension is going on between India and China  at the eastern Ladakh. And reports are saying that India is gaining some ground over there. India has recently took control over some strategically important heights. Now we can understand thew frustration coming through tweets and the Global Times , the mouth piece of CCP.

But here I want to draw your attention over one thing which I realized today. when I saw a News in a

main stream media that recently the Tweeter handle of Global times has tweeted that " Indian Prime minister faces a Daunting job to bring jobs back to laid-off Indians and arrest a sliding economy from a free fall. His gambit to stoke up boarder tension with China is misguided and will bring more trouble for his countrymen.

now first of all what China has to do with India's internal matter when China it self facing some serious domestic problems. second, why now? As we all know due to this pandemic almost every nation over the globe finding their economy struggling. But this border tension started from mid of June. My point is that we all know this statement is nothing but just a diplomatic step to create pressure on Government of India. But my concern is over the timing of this tweet. 

recently India took control over The Block Top hill. Which is strategically very important as now India has military advantage in this region. China night have taken this as embarrassing. 

Now this tweet by Global Times in which they are trying to divert government of India from boarder is some how similar with the narrative of opposition in India. Rahul Gandhi an the leftist gang is trying to circle Government on economical front. I will share some of the tweets by Rahul Gandhi.   And that has been followed by the whole opposition and the leftist screamers. 

I want all of us to be aware of this possible  nexus. As we found earlier during surgical strike , during Balakot Air strike. The narrative of opposition and Pakistan was same. So my point is that is there any possible Nexus between China and Indian opposition, because both are on same page while pressurizing government of India.

Here I want to clear it that I am not defending Economical fall but it was inevitable. we all were aware of it and prepare of it. and it was probably the economic concern which force govt. to lift the Lock down. And the recent figures are of lock down period. when almost every thing was shut down , there

was no economical activity in county.

So we need to identify this vested Interest opposition who don't mind to look at same page with enemy just to gain political ground.

photo credit - OPIndia
                    - The Guardian 


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