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What Is a Twitter Card? - Types and Uses

 What Is a Twitter Card The Twitter card is a facility provided by Twitter for its user to share their photos, videos, articles, blogs, and media in a more eye-catching way. The Twitter card is something that allows you to share your media beyond the limit of 280 characters, to some extent.  It is very easy to use a Twitter card as it has a simple step practice. First, we need to choose which card suits our goal the most, followed by adding the meta tags to the page. Then cross-check your card with Validator Tool . Then past the URL of the page on Twitter and see the new and attractive presentation of your page. The Twitter card has different types that we can use according to our goal. Let's explore the types of Twitter cards and How to Create a Twitter card. Twitter card: types Summary Card Summary Card with Large Image App Card Player Card Summary Card Summary Card is generally used for presenting web content like blogs or articles of commercial or personal websites. Sum


  Consuming Alkaline water has become an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Especially after what we have seen in 2020. Buying an alkaline water machine in 2021 for regular consumption can maintain this new healthy habit. But which Alkaline water machine will suit our needs the best? Here is the list of some brands and their reviews to ease your dilemma. But before that, let's know     ·        What is alkaline water ·        How alkaline water machine works ·        Alkaline water benefits ·        Alkaline water machines for 2021     ·       What is alkaline water Alkaline water is any water with Ph higher than 7. Normally Ph 7 is known as neutral and water with Ph lower than 7 is known as acidic water. So, this scale moves from highly acidic to neutral and then highly alkaline.   ·       How alkaline water machine works The technology these alkaline water machines use to generate alkaline water is called Electrolysis. Water passes through electrically charged titanium plates