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Consuming Alkaline water has become an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Especially after what we have seen in 2020. Buying an alkaline water machine in 2021 for regular consumption can maintain this new healthy habit.

But which Alkaline water machine will suit our needs the best? Here is the list of some brands and their reviews to ease your dilemma. But before that, let's know



·       What is alkaline water

·       How alkaline water machine works

·       Alkaline water benefits

·       Alkaline water machines for 2021



·      What is alkaline water

Alkaline water is any water with Ph higher than 7. Normally Ph 7 is known as neutral and water with Ph lower than 7 is known as acidic water. So, this scale moves from highly acidic to neutral and then highly alkaline.


·      How alkaline water machine works

The technology these alkaline water machines use to generate alkaline water is called Electrolysis. Water passes through electrically charged titanium plates coated with platinum.


Where water split to form Hydrogen. This increases the potential of Hydrogen (Ph) in water and we get Alkaline water. And the rest become Acidic water, which can be used in sanitization.


·      Alkaline water benefits

Although there is not much research done over alkaline water benefits but People have been claiming experience improvement in several health issues. Improvement in brain functioning, faster healing ability, prevention from hair loss, are some of the claims made by alkaline water’s regular consumer.


·      Alkaline water machines for 2021




Fujiiryoki is one of the oldest, out of many Japanese brands in the alkaline water machine industry. It has the widest range of types of water from acidic water to highly alkaline water. Which attracted me toward it.


On basis of personal experience, its hydrogen plus technology gives it the cutting edge and popularity among the buyers. I have been using Fujiiryoki for some time and it is giving me great results.


Ratings: 4.7/5




Chanson with its latest model VS-A705 Miracle max Royale is very popular. It has an attractive LCD display to show filter life, which increased curiosity in me to know about it more.


Its self-cleaning, auto-adjust, and auto shut-off the function is one of the reasons, making it above than the others. Its lightweight body also one of the reasons for its popularity.


Ratings: 4.2/5


3-    ENAGIC

Enagic or Kangen water is creating a real buzz in the market. Kangen means a return to origin. Enagic is popular with Kangen water and recently it got lots of recognition especially in India.


Right now, Enagic is much in talks with its latest product leveluk k8 (Kangen 8). The most striking thing according to me is, its voice prompts in 8 different languages.

Ratings: 4.5/5


4-    BAWELL

Bawell is also a known brand in the market. It provides almost all functions provided by other brands. And has a good reputation in the market.


 But the thing which convinces a buyer to buy it is that it uses 2 filters instead of a single filter. Which promises for almost 5000 liter’s filtrations.


Ratings: 4.5/5




Aqua-ionizer has a wide range of water Ionizer machines. One can find a variety of alkaline water machine on the website. Like other brands in the market, it also provides a good range of Hp from 3.0 to 11.5.


The additional thing which buyers love in this brand is the 3-stage cleaning cycle. But I found this product at slightly heavier compares to others.



Ratings: 4.5/5


This is what I found about these brands and hopefully, this would help you to reach a decision. If you have tried any other brand and want to share your thoughts about it please comment below. Your comments are highly appreciated.

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